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LearningRu.com - Learn Russian: Nouns - Nominative case.

Nouns, Nominative case :

  1. Used as the subject.

    When a sentence is formed in russian, the subject is in nominative form. This is how you find the nouns in the dictionary.

    Example 1: 'Мама работает.' - 'Mama works.'

    Example 2: 'Студент читает.' - 'Student reads.'

  2. Used when specifying a number of one.

    In Russian when you want to say specifically one something, you place the word 'one' in front of the word, this word has to be in nominative case.

    Example 1: 'Одна мама.' - 'One mom.'

    Example 2: 'Один студент.' - 'One student.'

Singular Form :

For the singular form the nominative case nothing changes from how you find them in the dictionary.

Plural Form :

In the plural form you need to add or replace letters at the back of the word. This is based on the gender of the word.

Last Letter : Remove : Add :
Consonant - ы
й й и
ь ь и
а after г, к, х, ж, ч, ш, щ а и
а а ы
я я и
ь ь и
е е а
о о я

Note: Of course, here too the spelling rules apply.